John R. Paddock, Ph.D., ABPP, LLC Clinical Psychologist

I think of us as co-journeyers exploring and navigating through the past, present, and anticipated future of your life.


live life on your own terms


Collaborative and relational, characterized by an inquiring spirit and oriented by what you want to be different in your life. Based on state-of-the-art theoretical models so that you can successfully define and construct a path toward the the life you want.


Lorna Smith Benjamin’s Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy helps people understand that the ways they relate to others come from lived experience, but that some of those learned patterns just don’t work any longer.  I also draw from James P. McCullough’s Cognitive Behavioral Analysis Systems Psychotherapy, an empirically validated cognitive-behavioral approach to helping people more effectively manage problematic situations with others.


Diplomate, American Board of Professional Psychology; Licensed Psychologist in the District of Columbia, States of Georgia, New Mexico, and New York; Senior Birkman Method Consultant – Level II Certification and Certification in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the Chronic Depressions.

The Prime Directive

I focus on helping patients answer the following question:

Why does it make sense that I am having these set of problems with these people in those situations right now in my life, and what can I do to be more effective and satisfied in these relationships?

Our appointments ideally provide a safe time and space for you to better understand and examine your relational, emotional, behavioral, and thinking patterns, and identify the strengths you bring to the current situation, that when artfully applied can heighten the likelihood of you living a richer and more satisfying life . . .

a life that you own . . . a life that you own on your terms.